Career Development

Career development is one of the most meaningful and personal ways you can impact employees’ lives. Engagement and retention numbers improve when organizations support robust career development programs. Your organization benefits as well.

Career is happening right now, and employees are increasingly taking a shorter-term view of career development. Instead of waiting to be satisfied by plans far off in the future, they want a job that satisfies their needs today and positions them for the future, and they want support.

1. Your career 

Our approach supports career exploration today, encourages planning for tomorrow, and anticipates the unexpected—what’s now. what’s next. what if. Instead of waiting to be satisfied by career development milestones set for the future, employees want to be satisfied today and tomorrow with the work they do. And they need to be prepared that their career will likely be disrupted by change they can’t avoid or by the life choices they make. This career development workshop supports employees wherever they are in their journey with a new, relevant approach to career.

2. Career conversations 

When managers are involved in career support and development, their team members are more satisfied and productive, knowing they have an advocate in their career journey. This program readies managers to engage in more regular and informal career conversations intended to benefit both the individual and the organization.

In Career Conversations, we facilitate honest dialogue about what it is that employees want out of their careers, what is actually expected of managers in the career development process, and how managers can best prepare to talk about their team members’ careers. This half-day learning experience provides the insights and tools for managers to understand individual team members, creates connections to both opportunities and people, and helps managers create a team strategy for talking about career development.

3. Outplacement career transition

As a buyer of outplacement services, you may be wondering how best to provide programs that meet the needs of your terminated employees and your budget. Whether you need services for one person or a large "reduction in force", learn more about how we might support a downsizing or restructuring in your organization with customized career transition services. 

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