Strategic Consulting


Align People, Purpose & Strategy for Sustainable Growth. Transform leadership teams and individuals to better focus, collaborate and perform with a higher purpose in a complex and turbulent environment.

1. Self-Managing Leadership

Self-managing Leadership® (SML) is a powerful framework for effectively aligning people and culture with purpose and strategy. Our 10-step model helps participants identify their purpose, values and vision in order to define the focus and character which defines their leadership. A 90-day action plan for each participant will be developed focusing on the few things which have the largest impact, for both personal and professional development. 

Performance Consulting 

Using proven, research-based methodologies, programs and tools to accelerate performance and create breakthrough solutions, we are here to support cultural integration following mergers and acquisitions, to execute strategy, as well as effect organizational transformation during times of disruptive change. Strategy execution amidst complexity and change – helping you align people and culture with strategy, for enduring success.

1. Embedding Transformational Capability
Whole system and culture change methodologies that increase ownership, engagement, and personal initiative across all levels of the organization.

2. Strategic Focusing (For Teams and Executives)
Propriety method that aligns and focuses leadership teams. Provides a step-by-step approach to master organizational complexity, co-creating a “plan to win” that everyone understands and is passionate about achieving.

3. Performance Accelerator Process
Dynamic process to accelerate innovation, reduce resistance to change, increase the speed of decision-making and generate fierce resolve for breakthrough initiatives.

Change Leadership & Transformation

Leveraging our personal experience leading transformational change, we coach leaders and their teams through key personal and organizational shifts. Our work with leaders focuses on:

  • Building a compelling vision and case for change
  • Creating collaborative, high-impact, agile teams
  • Developing new mindsets and adopting new ways of working 

Whether you’re faced with a specific transition — taking over a new team, organizational restructuring, a merger or acquisition — or you’re trying to meet aggressive goals while navigating a constantly changing world, we work with you to understand your challenges, find the opportunity that exists within your time of transition, adapt, and thrive.

Diversity  & Inclusion

1. Diversity at Work

This session engages and deepens a set of skills for your team that will allow you to explore human diversity as it shows up in our work and in our organizations. As we move increasingly towards a global society, organizations that understand how to thoughtfully engage on issues of difference and identity will hold a distinct advantage when it comes to recruiting, hiring and maintaining top talent. 

2.Exploring Unconscious Bias

This session examines the ways that unconscious assumption, bias and prejudice emerge within the workplace and provides your team with the skills to manage and mitigate this human tendency.  Participants will build the capacity to recognize and subvert bias by explaining the mechanics of assumptions and prejudice, laying out strategies for addressing bias, and creating space to practice those skills in real time.

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