1. Leading High-performing Teams

High-performing teams are the foundation of any successful organization. However, they don’t happen by accident. They require dedicated leadership and a commitment on the part of both leaders and team members to work together in a way that will build trust, ensure alignment, create connection, and ultimately drive results. Leading High-Performing Teams is a course that is built on our research and is designed to help leaders build the kind of teams that will contribute to exceptional organizational performance.

This course is designed to help participants identify their strengths and weaknesses as team leaders, and then explore specific behaviors and habits they can adopt that will enable their team to perform at its highest level!

2. High-impact Teams and Coaching

The number one challenge facing many leaders today is how to help their teams work more efficiently and collaboratively. To solve this problem, we develop and facilitate team-building sessions that promote collaboration and energize participants. We help teams get inspired and think differently using innovative, world-class facilitation methods.

This workshop equips teams with digital tools to help them work together more collaboratively, and share knowledge more efficiently. Participants can choose from a variety of “drop-in” learning sessions to  help people feel free to explore, discuss, and discover, and the 60- to 90-minute sessions enable incremental, sustainable learning and change.

3. Accelerating Team Performance

This session takes leaders and their teams though a practical, proven team alignment process resulting in specific commitments. With guidance and through a facilitated process, participants get the feedback they need to see where they stack up against the team’s criteria. We will work through specific issues that are preventing the team from working most effectively, and create specific action plans with the steps needed to move forward.

4. Team Insights

Understanding our personality type can lead to powerful insights about ourselves as individuals: What energizes us, how we process information, how we make decisions, and how we orient ourselves to the outer world. When explored in a team setting, this experience deepens as we begin to see how others experience us and why we experience our teammates the way we do.

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