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Oxford Leadership

Oxford Leadership

Leadership Development Consulting

People and Businesses are Inseparable 

"As a division of GP Strategies, we support the company mission to help people and businesses to perform at their highest potential.

There are no bottom-line results without the contributions made by your people. 

We are leadership development and employee engagement experts, focused on enabling your business strategy through the development of your people."

Oxford Leadership

Oxford Leadership

Oxford Leadership

Global leadership consultancy

Transforming Business for Good

"The impact we have on our client’s business performance is significant, but it’s not what differentiates us. 

It’s being there for the person that gives most meaning to our work…It’s the role we play in helping leaders give shape, form, and substance to their purpose and identity that sets us apart from management consultants and business school professors. 

That’s what it means to be an 

Oxford Leadership colleague. "

Future Workplace

Oxford Leadership

Engaged Leadership

human resources services

Innovations to Attract, 

Develop, and Keep Talent 

"Future Workplace network is one of those gems where you feel like you have found a treasure chest filled with prodigies—individuals who deliver engrossing topics; individuals who make meaningful bonds with you; individuals who fire up your mind.

 Above all, Jeanne Meister and her team have provided a venue that in size and scope creates an insatiable appetite for you to return time and time again—don't miss something unbelievable!"

Chief Learning Officer, Master Card. 

Engaged Leadership

Engaged Leadership

Engaged Leadership


A Focused Mindset

 + A Skilled Approach

 = Superior Results

"Our coaches were selected because of their ability to create a deep connection with the leaders they coach.  When that ability is combined with broad business perspectives and decades of coaching experience, we produce significant and lasting change for our clients.

Our facilitators are also richly experienced, with long track records of successful work with diverse audiences at some of the most successful companies in the world. 

Whether you need someone with former Fortune 500, C-level leadership experience or someone who can connect with your young creatives and technical population, you will have your choice of expertise to draw from."


Engaged Leadership

GP Strategies


Grow and Flourish 

in the Digital Age

"The heart of our work is bringing out the best in people. Thrive provides key organizational insights, planning, and facilitation during times of change and inflection. 

We help clarify direction and strategies, and we make desired changes happen

 by developing programs, building communication plans, and—most importantly—engaging employees through a broad array of tools that connect teammates and trigger new thinking.

Thrive customers include Fortune 500 executives as well as private business owners with high growth aspirations. 

We are known for transforming organizations and helping individuals adopt new ways of working."

GP Strategies

Engaged Leadership

GP Strategies


We Th!nk Differently 

about Learning 

GP Strategies has been on the cutting edge of innovative performance improvement solutions for over 50 years. 

Our commitment to crafting impactful solutions and delivering extraordinary service helps us attract the brightest minds—professionals who are aligned with our core vision and values. 

As one of the few truly global performance improvement companies out there, our services, solutions, leadership development consulting, and technologies empower companies to perform above their potential.